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Forum Rules

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It takes on average 1 minute to read this.
Don't come crying when you break a rule that get's your account instantly banned after not reading and following them.


We use a 3-strike policy. Breaking a rule gets you 1 strike (point).
Gain 3 strikes, and your permanently banned. No appeals. No refunds. No exceptions.
Points expire after 30 days, once a point expires, its off your record completely and not counted towards bans ever again.

Rules highlighted Red and marked with * will result in a permanent instant ban.
We aren't monsters, we play fair, if you play fair.


* DOX'ing

  • Sharing any user's personal information regardless if it's something small like an old profile or even just a country is considered an offense. Everyone prefers to have different kinds of information public, some don't mind their Country being Public whereas other's don't, for this reason absolutely no public or private information can be shared publicly.
  • This includes but is not limited to email addresses, profile pages, account information, addresses, screenshots, real names, relative information, real images of the user, e.t.c
  • Any offence is considered DOX'ing and is not tolerated at all, you will be permanently banned.


* Carding Activity

  • All information on Carding is not allowed. Absolutely no mention of it is to be made.
  • Sharing/Spreading any of the following is considered an offense: Carding Information, Tutorials, Tools, Exploits, Dumps, Bins, Generators, Checkers, Cards, Fullz, Bank Information, Social Security Information aswell as Credential-Stuffing/Bruteforce Tools for Banks/Payment Processors


* Malicious Intent

  • This includes creating topic's sharing a file that you may not have made. It's your responsibility to check for Malicious file's before sharing. Actions will be taken regardless if it was made by you or not.
  • Sharing/Spreading any of the following is considered an offense: Malware, Virus, DoS/DDoS/Booter Tools/Websites/Resources, DOXing Tools/Websites/Resources, Botnets, Zombies, Keyloggers, RAT's, Miners, Stub Creators, Binder Tools, PDF/DOC/DOCX Exploits, Combo Stealers, Clipboard Monitors (BTC Address Changing, e.t.c)


Adult / Pornographic Imagery and Content

  • This includes profile pages, avatars, signatures, topic comments, topics, shoutbox chat, and any other user-editable text input
  • If it's sexual in nature, it's not allowed
  • Downloads of Pornographic Imagery is also not allowed. SNIPR.gg is not a porn site.
    (Checked-Accounts for porn-sites is still allowed just now downloads/hosted content)


Spam Advertising

  • Advertising your shop/product/item/service/e.t.c anywhere apart from on your Avatar, Signature or the Marketplace is strictly not allowed.
  • This includes Chat Box, Topic's in other sub-forums other than Marketplace, In other user's topics, In your own Topic's (for e.x you CANNOT make a contributing Checked Accounts topic containing a link to your Accounts Shop)



  • Typical Spam, as in random posts in spam fashion
  • Copy/pasting responses by other users
  • Posting the same thing on different threads
  • Single short words


Referral/Giveaway/Discount Content

  • None of these are allowed anywhere on this entire forum
  • That includes those links where you share to 5 people and someone gets rewards
  • That includes simple giveaway posts or sites where there is a temporarily free item or a contest/giveaway
  • Generally if its a referral link/one of those share to x people things/discount code or link/temporarily free item link/code then its not allowed on here


Topics, Posts and Contribution

  1. Shortened links are NOT allowed regardless of Monetary Gain or not!
    This includes adf.ly, shorte.st, goo.gl, bit.ly e.t.c
  2. Do not make post's like "ty", "thanks", "thx", "plz".
    You do not need to post to unhide content, simply react to the topic
  3. File-hosts that automatically delete content after time or inactivity is not allowed to be used in Topics
    For e.x. Expirebox is not allowed as it expires after certain amount of time and Zippyshare isn't allowed as they expire after 30 days of Inactivity, Sites like Anonfile.com, MEGA, Google Drive are allowed
  4. All contibuting content must be hidden with the Hide Button (Top Left)
    Hiding Virus Checks or not hiding contributing content will have your topic deleted without notice
  5. Removing a Contributing Topic's Content by Editing is not allowed
    Even if the link is dead or the topic's contributing content ended, editing/removing it is not allowed
  6. If you want to Delete your Topic and have a good reason, just report it and explain why
    For example, double posting by mistake, link being dead, are all valid reasons


English Only

  • This forum is english only
  • That includes Chat Box, Topics and Signatures
  • If you can't speak english, learn



You may notice there's leecher ratio's and stuff, ignore all of this for the time being as the system is being re-done in the future.

But it is good practice to actually contribute, if I manually notice you slacking and leeching everything you will get a strike!


Other Rules

These are NOT the only rules to follow. Every category has there own extra rules which is shown in the Topic Content Field when making a new topic in it.

These rules are NOT final, and may change without notice.


Thank you for reading the rules!

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